Uncrowded away(reness)
Isle Royale, USA 2002
My first real backpacking trip with Lolo
Christmas on the Appalachian Trail, USA 2002
A great winter trip on the AT
American Southwest, USA 2002
Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion with Gege
Alaska, USA 2004
The trip of a lifetime in a place to preserve entirely
Spring on the AT & Bear Island, USA 2003
Backpacking the AT & kayaking to Bear Island for the first time
Montana, USA 2003
A back-country ski trip  with Lolo
Appalachian Trail (AT), USA 2004
A preparation trip for Alaska
Bear Island 2004, USA
Back to Bear Island
Photo by Fabrice Meunier during an adventurous 4th of July trip to on the Appalachian Trail, North Carolina, USA.
Utah, USA 2005
Deserts and Canyons with Fab
Blue Ridge Parkway, USA 2004
An Hispanic backpacking adventure
Cade Cove, Great Smoky Mountains 2005
Fall camping trip with Lili
Coming soon
Yosemite, USA 2005
A classic winter trip on top of the granite monoliths
Mt Rogers, USA 2005
Ridge hiking in my favorite part of the AT
Coming soon
Back Bay NWR, USA 2006
The last backpacking trip with Fab before the ACL Surgery
Neuse River Canoeing, USA 2006
A trip down the river with Paul & Julie as the guides
Yosemite, USA 2006
Back to Yosemite as my first backpacking trip since the ACL surgery. What a great feeling!
Mt Mitchell, USA 2006
Another Thanksgiving on the highest trail on the East coast.
Ski the Alps, France 2007
Not a better than relax before the wedding than enjoy a Serge prepared back country ski trip in Vercors!
Mt Rogers, USA 2007
Celebrating Lolo’s birthday on the dark and icy trails of Mt Rogers in January 2007.
Resurrection Trail, Alaska 2008
Backcountry ski touring in  paradise with Christelle.
Resurrection Trail with Lolo, Alaska 2008
It was so good we did it again. Reward: a foot of fluffy snow.
 Kachemak Bay, Alaska 2008
A complete mix of boating, hiking, and kayaking at the end of the Kenai penensula.  
Kesugi Ridge, Alaska 2008
A 4th of July on the high alpine with a view of Mt. McKinley all along. A beauty.
Resurrection Trail with the boys, Alaska 2009
A winter backcountry ski trip on the Kenai from cabin to cabin with good friends!